A Metaphysical Interpretation of Genesis As Co-Creation

Copyright 2022: Tim A. O’Connor

This video depicts a “New Thought” perspective or interpretation of the Biblical creation story. New thought is like philosophical idealism as most proponents of this belief system hold that all things in the world are appearances as created by One Consciousness, of which we are a part as individual conscious beings. As expressions of that one consciousness, we can create what we see in the world, for ourselves and for humanity.

The most known New Thought belief has been referred to as “the Law of Attraction.” Churches or spiritual centers that practice a New Thought philosophy today include Centers for Spiritual Living, Unity, Agape International Spiritual Center, and Divine Science, etc.

New Thought is a perennial philosophy because it is a view that all religions share basic Truths or principles from which each religion or belief system developed a meaning and purpose for life which over time contrast each other separating people instead of unifying them. New Thought seeks to unify people based on original shared Truths and principles. Proponents of this philosophy date back to early Greek philosophers, Indigenous, and Vedic traditions.

These shared principles have been referred to as God qualities and principles, and include balance, harmony, order, wholeness, equality, peace, justice, unity, and love, etc., the basis for spiritual and secular laws.

What do you believe?

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