Tim A. O’Connor

Welcome. Thank you for stopping by. I explore how we discover beliefs that hurt us while revealing beliefs that empower us. Those who embrace unifying principles, like wisdom, peace, justice, love & equality become self-empowered.

Photo in Rwanda by Author

My experiences, include meeting with European police managers in Helsinki, Finland collaborating on strategies to work with diverse community members and refugees and in meetings with Rwandan officials and villagers in and around Kigali, Rwanda, exploring ways to empower individuals and communities after genocide.

My background as a police manager working with employees involved in organization change, persons involved in criminal investigations, and as a transpersonal clinical therapist with persons traumatized by catastrophic events has deepened my insight into the formation of limiting beliefs and the development of empowering beliefs as a person or group works through or processes a dark or transformational period in their life or organization and emerges with clarity, harmony, and commitment.

Tim A. O’Connor, Photo by RCSL Videographer

You can re-train yourself by intuitively responding from an inner depth where your core beliefs, values, goals, and inner vision have aligned with Wisdom, Clarity, Balance, Peace, Unity, Equality, Justice, and Love, unifying principles that develop your character and empower you.

Align your values with principles not opinions, anchor in truth as you understand it, and act based on unifying principles not societal pressure. You will live from the inside/out and feel the power of principles expressing through you.

I hold a master of public administration and a master of counseling psychology degree. I retired as a police lieutenant after 27 years. My expertise was in child abuse/homicide, sexual assault investigations and strategic planning/program evaluation.

After I retired I became a psychotherapist for a community counseling center and a clinical therapist for a southern California hospital’s department of behavioral health. I’ve also taught at the university level.

I served as a Spiritual Practitioner (RSCP) with Centers for Spiritual Living for 8 years, but I am no longer affiliated with them.

I am now fully retired living with my wife, Kim and Dean, our pet child.

To your success!

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